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Clinical Research

Michael P. Heffernan, MD is an internationally recognized expert in clinical research. He has been the principal investigator for more than 100 clinical trials. He has participated in the development of most of the cutting edge medicines used in Dermatology. He is not currently conducting therapeutic trials in San Luis Obispo, CA.

What to expect when you participate in a clinical trial:

  • All of your questions will be answered.
  • All services are provided at no cost to you during the trial.
  • Most studies provide a small stipend to compensate you for your participation.

Current Clinical Trials

We currently don’t have any active clinical trials. 

Our past clinical trials were conducted on the following medical conditions:

1. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) 

a. Topical Medication for adults with atopic dermatitis 

b. Oral Medication for adults with atopic dermatitis 

c. Injectable Medication 

2. Psoriasis

a. An Injectable medication for adults with psoriasis

b. Oral Medication for patients with scalp psoriasis

3. Rosacea

a. Topical Medication

4. Acne

a. Topical Medication for adults and adolescents

We would like to thank all of the patients who have volunteered their time to help us develop meaningful medications that have changed the lives of thousands of patients around the world.