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General Treatment

Our experienced professionals understand the proper diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin ailments.

San Luis Dermatology can provide you with world-class treatment of various skin conditions such as Melanoma, Rosacea and Acne. Click the “More” link for a more information on these and other conditions we can treat.


The most serious skin malignancy, the early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is critical for the patient’s long-term health and welfare. Thorough examination with the advantage of high resolution dermatoscopy and digital imaging greatly enhance the diagnosis of early melanoma. Proper diagnosis, surgery, and referral of high risk lesions to regional melanoma centers optimize patient survival.

Atypical Moles

As important as early diagnosis and removal of melanoma is the evaluation of atypical moles and the diagnostic tools and judgment to discern which ones are at high risk or transition. Thus, dangerous lesions are appropriately removed but unnecessary biopsies are minimized.


Great strides in the management of this most annoying problem have been made in the last decade. Using the newest therapeutic regimens and matching the treatment to the severity of the disease, all eczema patients can live a productive and less itchy life.


This life-altering and life-shortening disease can be managed with a broad spectrum of treatment alternatives. Matching the severity of the disease with the level of intensity of the treatment guarantees each patient the best quality of life.


This very prevalent condition can be devastating for a young person. Our approach is to aggressively treat acne to prevent scarring and to give the patient the confidence of a clear skin as quickly as possible. A fantastic array of treatments are available from creams, lotions, gels, masks that are applied to the skin, to internal medications that shrink the offending sebaceous glands and control the populations of bacteria and yeast that live in the follicle. In severe cases, the miracle drug accutane is used as well as some very effective laser technology.


Very much on the increase in recent years, rosacea can be a minor annoyance or a severe embarrassment. Fortunately, very effective treatments are available. That, in combination with dietary and environmental manipulations, can bring about very satisfactory control of this problem.

Miscellaneous Other Skin Conditions

The experienced health care professionals at San Luis Dermatology and Laser Clinic deal with many less familiar and often rare skin problems, often relying on significant advances in the understanding and treatment of these problems, and the latest on-line research.

Chemical Peels

From shallow “freshening” peels to deeper peels that may greatly improve texture, pigmentation, and even improve fine lines, Dr. Herten has over twenty years of experience and can recommend the right peel for the desired result.

Topical Chemotherapy

Both topical chemo and immunotherapy may result in a dramatic reduction in pre-cancers and cancers and improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. All our health care providers have extensive experience in the use of these treatments.

Light Treatments for Skin Diseases

Psoriasis, Eczema, and severe itching that oftentimes accompanies internal diseases such as kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, and leukemia/lymphoma respond dramatically to ultra-violet light. Under close supervision, patients can be treated in our photo-therapy unit and get relief that no other treatment affords.